it’s “dee alend” not “de allende”

April recap —

I spent the first weekend of April in San Miguel dee Alend with Sacnitation aka Diva and Anaid aka Lana del Rey – don’t ask. Most accurate quote to describe the weekend: “No one will ever be as entertained by us as us.” The weekend was full of moments that, really, only we would think are funny. But, they’re hilarious. “Bible.” It all started with Sacnitation’s unforgettable quote: “I. wannabe, in. yourblog!”

A few more memorable quotes: Is this net? I mean, like….are you stupid or something? d’ac (a completely unnecessary but necessary abbreviation of the word d’accord). “Yuli is my best friend from California.” – said Sacnitation the first day she met me in Lille, France. Her wish came true – you’re welcome. Anyways, Saint Mike was really fun. It’s truly a magical town, filled with amazing terraces, beautiful views, huge artisanal markets, and a fun night life. PSA: There are no ubers in San Miguel de Allende. Inconvenient to say the least.

If you don’t instagram it, did it really happen?
ma gurlz
walking through this town in heels is NOT an easy task to undertake
a V photogenic moment
laughing at my own jokes bc what else is new

This view. I can’t. Take me back pls.

Below is the product of walking in a cobblestone street with heels while not looking at the ground, trying to take a picture, and almost falling to my death. I survived – thanks for the concern.

Yuliation & Sacnitation, only one missing is Santiation.

Thanks for the Postcard from Paris, Blitch ❤ I’m truly sorry I wasn’t able to go to Prague with you – still breaks my heart.

Processed with VSCO with k2 preset

This Friday began at Lucerna enjoying good food and yummy cocktails. I was 100% planning to go to bed at 8pm…
…but, fast forward a bit — ended the night at a taco truck in polanco at 4am and somehow spent $300 pesos on 7 street tacos. Memories from this night will never not make me literally laugh out loud. #neverforget

Tbh, I will never turn down an opportunity to spend a day in las trajineras, drink a michelada, eat some esquites, and in this case – say hi to the First Lady of Mexico.

pure happiness

My dad likes to pretend that he doesn’t like to be featured on my instagram and snapchat stories, yet he poses every time I point my phone at him. Deep down, we all know he likes to make the fans happy.

The joy of being back home in Seattle is hard to put into words. My family is so entertaining and fun to be around. It makes me sad when I realize how much I am missing out on by not living in Seattle with all of them. I am not there to take part in important family events. My cousins children are growing up and I know it will be complicated to fulfill my lifetime goal of being THE cool aunt and that stresses me out. I know I am pursuing my career goals, growing as a person, living in an exciting city, etc. But still. Trips like this make me question if I am making the right choice…

Happy birthday grandma! ❤

A lot of my time in Seattle was spent hanging out with family, relaxing, snapchatting people with my fave filter (featured below), and spending quality time with the MOST BEAUTIFUL puppy in the world, Charlie. ❤ Oh, and obviously couldn’t miss movie night with Nelie and the kids – fave quote from the night: “I lost the combination to the bank vault.” Lol. Struggles.

I will never get over how much I love the view from my bedroom balcony. ❤
One of my all time favorite quotes: “I wish everyone, including the haters and losers, a very happy Easter!” – Donald Trump, Twitter 4/16/17
I can’t count the number of times I have seen this view of Seattle as I am leaving the city.

It’s always comforting to know that I can come back home at literally any moment I please. But, this time was particularly hard to leave and return to Mexico City — I felt a homesickness that I don’t think I have ever felt. I truly love the life I have in Seattle. All of my family is there. I love the city. There are exciting opportunities for me there. Everything is perfect, technically. So why did I decide to leave?

I’m an adventurer at heart, but I love my home. 

Watched the F8 livestream in Mexico City – Mark, ily.
never turn down an opportunity to be basic by choice & use the flower crown snapchat filter
Went to Plaza Garibaldi with some friends! Somehow ended up at a rooftop bar that played reggaeton – not mad about it.

In the startup world, you can’t go a day without hearing “someone should create a startup that [insert any minor inconvenience in life].” One day during lunch, we somehow arrived at the conclusion that we would create a startup to provide your missing wedding guests if you didn’t have them: the weird uncle, the crazy cousin, the aunt with the embarrassing dance moves, etc. The funniest part about this idea is that every family has these personalities – if you think you don’t have the dramatic cousin, chance is, it’s probably you. I know this probably doesn’t seem that funny to you, dear reader, but we were literally crying from laughter for like 15 solid minutes.

Hadn’t laughed that much and that hard in a really long time.

One of our favorite lunch spots near my office is Chilpa. Hipster, overpriced, but delicious chilaquiles.

Another great thing about working in the startup world, is the abundance of programmers that work out of my office. I was struggling with a wordpress website one day and like 5 of the programmers took an hour to help me figure it out. They’re the best. ❤ TY friends!


This picture was taken bc I didn’t know if these were cold cut meats that were safe to eat. A word to the wise – don’t send a vegetarian to buy meat. K thanks.

I went to Guadalajara with my family the last weekend of April. Getting to the airport was an odyssey because the world was literally against me on that day.  I left work 3 hours before my flight – plenty of time under normal circumstances, however…

  • I hadn’t packed,
  • Didn’t have cash to pay for my clothes at the laundromat,
  • Waited in line behind 50 people at the ATM to withdraw less than $5 USD,
  • Spent 40 minutes deciding what to pack because I hate packing and it stresses me out, (k, this one was probably all my fault)
  • Uber cancelled on me 3 times,
  • Traffic was unreal (not a smart choice to choose a flight at 6pm on a Friday before a long weekend).

By the time I was in my Uber and my way to the airport, I only had 1.5 hours left until takeoff and it was at least a one hour ride to the airport. I was convinced I wouldn’t make it and already knew which flight I would be purchasing to still make it to Guadalajara that night. Somehow managed to arrive at the airport 30 minutes before my flight, got through security in 15 minutes, ran to the gate and made it on to the plane 4 minutes before door closure/takeoff!! Oh and the cherry on top of this stressful adventure: somehow my suitcase fell on top of my purse and dented my new Macbook. #upsetting

As we were taking off, the man next to me told me to take out my headphones. According to him, if I didn’t comply, the airplane would fall out of the sky. I looked at him, told him I don’t speak spanish, and continued listening to my spotify playlist.

Upon arriving in GDL, my cousins and I decided to drive to our hometown which is about two hours away from the city. This is normally not an extremely safe thing to do late at night..but yolo. Once we got closer to our home town, there was smoke everywhere! It literally looked like it was straight out of a horror movie. I was like great, this is where we get killed. I’m also pretty sure we saw a ghost. It’s casual. At least we had Maluma and Justin Beiber to keep us company in the car.

My dad called me and said, “hi sweetie, where are you, we are worried & can you please bring tacos.” Thanks for showing your concern, dad. And no, we did not find any tacos for him in the middle of nowhere at 12am. #sorrynotsorry

the perfect scene for a horror movie

It was a fun weekend spent with family, listening to mariachi, drinking tequila, and eating delicious food. What more can a girl ask for?

bc everyone knows who the ma[z/s]corro’s are
“toma una foto como que no me doy cuenta”
There’s something special about this old house outside a beautiful Pueblo Magico in La Sierra del Tigre.

My parents were born and raised in a small village in the mountains of Jalisco, Mexico called Los Sauces. My father lived in the village but my mother grew up in a small house, on a farm outside the village. My grandfather built this house with his bare hands; that house still stands today and I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit every year. The life of hard work that my mother experienced is a part of the house’s history that I can never forget. Remnants of those times, like old boots growing roots and rusty tools, scattered throughout the farm remind me to be grateful for my blessings. Every time I visit I hear a new story about my parents life and it deepens my appreciation and pride for my heritage and roots and for everything they have accomplished.

Just to give you an idea, my mom told me that when she was a teenager, she didn’t even think she would ever own a refrigerator or have running water in her home…try to imagine that!


The small imperfections, that are so noticeable compared to what I’m used to, make my parents home a unique place. The pillows are hard and lumpy, the mattress cries out with every movement, flies and other insects roam freely, scorpions casually hanging out on walls, mud is everywhere regardless of how much cleaning is done, icy showers are very common, and the smells of livestock fill the air. There is a lot that I fail to appreciate in my everyday life because it has become so normal. Most of those things simply aren’t necessary and only serve to make my life easier. WiFi, cell phone service, and TV are luxuries that few people have in this part of Mexico that my family is from. Spending time in a place that lacks so many things usually taken for granted is an amazing experience. Time wasted on technology instead is spent with family and friends, forming strong relationships.

This is what my cousin decided to do when we told her to act natural for the picture. #sotallytober


The quietness and tranquility are my favorite part about being there – the silence at night where only crickets can be heard at night. The sky filled with stars so bright its almost hard to believe. In a city, people make noise, traffic is loud, pollution stinks, kids scream, and dogs bark. Being away from the constant noise of the world around us allows for true relaxation. It gives time to focus on what truly matters.

I’ve learned so much through my interactions with friends and family here, learning from their stories about struggle and hardship, but also immense joy and love. I always leave our hometown with unforgettable special memories and deeper appreciation for the life I am fortunate enough to live.

a beautiful sunset in Rancho Viejo

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