it’s us against the world

Honestly, few things in this world are as entertaining as the moments spent when reunited with my study abroad friends. So, I was absolutely ecstatic that a bunch of them decided to come to Mexico City and celebrate my birthday with me!

the weekend was deemed the “Yuli-fest”

The world was against us from the get go – but it made for even more entertaining moments that will not soon be forgotten.

TBH this should have been the anthem for the weekend because it was quite literally Us Against The World.

It all started with one of my friends bringing over a bottle of wine and hours of failed attempts at opening it. #Adulting at its finest. I know my dad would be upset that his daughter can’t open a bottle of wine – I am sorry I have failed you, sir. We decided to start the evening with mezcal instead. A little aggressive, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

World: 1
Yuli-fest: 0

Later on that same evening, we ventured out into the world to see what the Roma Norte night life had to offer. On our Uber ride there, we were met by a disgruntled civilian and my friends comment even made the Uber driver burst out laughing — “a este lo vi en el Apocalipsis.” Sebas, you don’t know what that man has been through! Made for a hilarious comment, but still. After checking out a few empty bars in la Roma, we tried to get into Apotheke and were denied entrance.

World: 2
Yuli-fest: 0

quote of the night: “we will never be royals”

Sometimes I wish I could just become a famous instagram influencer already and get into clubs for free and receive complimentary luuna mattresses.

Anyways, maybe it was all for the best. We were in bed at a decent hour and then woke up the next morning in the best spirits. We decided that preparative measures for Xochimilco must be taken and Ubered across town to get Torta de Chilaquiles at La Esquina del Chilaquil. Probably the best and most responsible decision I made that weekend.

World: 2
Yuli-fest: 1

carbs on carbs bc preparation is key

A Boat Party the Mexican (best) Way: Xochimilco Trajineras ❤

Most people go to Xochimilco about once per year, max. Many locals have only been there a couple times in their entire lives. I have been living in Mexico for 5 months and I, for one, have gone almost every month. #NoRagrets. My friends told me I should become a partner there – sign me up!

There’s just something about it that’s just so much fun: spending a day lazying down a river, on a colorful boat with a bunch of friends, surrounded by people having fun, drinking tequila and micheladas, eating quesadillas and esquites, listening to music, hiring mariachi bands, and passing by a haunted island with old dolls tied up to the trees. I will literally never turn down an offer to spend an evening en las trajineras.

I simply love it and wouldn’t have wanted to celebrate my birthday any other way. Judge me for it, I’ll accept it. Haters gonna hate.

*no caption necessary*

Upon boarding the trajinera, I tried to be DJ but to my dismay I realized I had forgotten my iphone 7 adapter that allows me to connect to the AUX cord like a normal phone. TY apple for the inconvenience you cause me on a daily basis.

World: 3
Yuli-fest: 1

Where’s the party at? I’ll tell you. The party was aboard the Lupita, Maria Isabel. Apparently they didn’t get the memo that my name is Yuliation..
just me and some of my friends
#PosersOfInstagram pt.2 – srsly why aren’t we famous yet?

a lot of selfies were taken this day..


all hail the iphone 7s camera
“an avocado!! thankssss” — fave video, do yourself a favor and check it out
Everyone’s laughing because this is Yulination’s-fest. I don’t know why but my study abroad friends seem to think my name is Yuliation. Hilarious point during the boat ride: Sacnitation screaming, this is Yuli’s nation and we are all part of Yulination. Hahahaha

*Apparently there is a difference between: Yuliation, Yuli’s nation, and Yuli-nation. @Sacnitation for a more elaborate explanation.


Somewhere in between taking all of these pictures alguien robó my purse off of the Maria Isabel. I only realized this when I needed 20 pesos to buy esquites. My purse was stolen, which contained my credit cards, about 2,500 pesos, my phone charger (a moment of silence – p.s. if anyone would like to donate an iphone 7 charger to me, i would love you forever), and the biggest loss of the day = my Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. So sad. Cherry on top: I forgot to get my esquites amidst the chaos of trying to find my purse under the beer cans on the trajnera. I was upset but I hope that person needed my purse more than me. Immediately called my parentals to help me cancel my credit cards, so nothing too valuable was lost – thankfully. Wasn’t going to let this incident rain on my parade – the partyyy continued. But still, this was yet again, an act on behalf of the world against us and our celebrations.

World: 4
Yuli-fest: 1




We spent about 4-5 hours on the trajinera and were about to go for another hour when our speaker died and cut the party short. This would happen to us on this weekend.

World: 5
Yuli-fest: 1

I think everyone was about ready to go get food anyways. Who can say no to flor de calabaza and cheese quesadillas?

Feels after getting off of the trajinera: “I’m too famous. I must protect myself.”

Ok, moment of truth. If you take anything away from this blog post, please let it be that you watch this video below because it is LITERALLY HILARIOUS AND I LOVE IT.

Ok, back to my birthday adventures…

sunglasses at 7:30pm – necessary. hugging a case of beer all throughout dinner – 100% necessary.
everyone passed out as soon as we got back to my apartment. tgod we have a spare bed in the living room. lol.

After taking a prolonged power nap, we decided that time must not be wasted. So, we got ready to go back out. It took us 45 minutes to succeed at ordering an Uber XL. I literally don’t understand how we struggled so much. Then, when it arrived, it was a 4 person car and we tried convincing the Uber driver to fit a couple extra people – failed miserably.

World: 6
Yuli-fest: 1

Chance would have it that an airport taxi drove by and agreed to drive us half a kilometer away to our destination. Things seemed to be looking up.

World: 6
Yuli-fest: 2

On the way there, a friend started to complain about Uber and was quickly shut down when he was reminded that Uber is nonexistent in his town — (props to Aline for a hilarious comeback comment to Sebas).

The taxi driver ended up charging us 200 pesos, 4 times the normal cost. Tbh we probably deserved that one.

World: 6
Yuli-fest: 2

pero que paso con el glamour, diva?

Honestly, best part of the night was Sacnitations attempt at getting into a bar/club with her corporate food vouchers card instead of her ID – lol ty PwC. That honestly won a point in favor of Yuli-fest.

World: 6
Yuli-fest: 3

“Breakfast of Shame” at Casa de Toño

PSA: I HAVE FINALLY FOUND VEGETARIAN POSOLE and it is located on Calle Londres in La Juarez – about a block away from the Angel of Independence. This is one great step for vegetarians all over the world. Another PSA: in Mexico City, ordering a quesadilla does not necessarily mean you will receive a piece of tortilla with cheese. You have been warned. Anaid provided the best reaction to this, “You had one job. Take my order correctly. Bring me a quesadilla with cheese.” All jokes aside, this breakfast was honestly the greatest end to an unforgettable weekend.

World: 6
Yuli-fest: 4

I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday weekend in Mexico City. The world was against us the whole time but I think we came out victorious. Thanks to all of my friends that joined me — shout out to those that took an 8 hour bus ride to come for the weekend, the ones who wanted to flake but I forced them to come and now they have experienced the joy of an afternoon spent idling down a murky river (yes, I am talking to you Sacnitation), and those who even though I told them to be on time decided to be three hours late (cough, cough). I love you all & you made it a special weekend. ❤

Final Score

World: 6
Yuli-fest: immeasurable ❤

“El sistema no nos ganó!” – Aline

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
¡i love my friends!

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